This Safety Shield system uses strategically placed radar sensors which will detect an object that encroaches the pre set danger zone.

12 radar sensors which are strategically placed around the plant to give full blind spot area object detection.

(see below)

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When an object is detected in the danger zone the visual and audio alarms warn the operator and the monitor will display the correct image.


  • Advanced microwave sensing technology.

  • Automatically activated when the driver shifts vehicle into reverse status. 

  • Configuration detection zones and alarm trigger with USB to UART cable on computer. 

  • Configuration and updating system by phone or computer through Wi-Fi (optional function). It can be used when the control box has the Wi-Fi module.

  • The device is capable of visualizing the radar-zones on the display. As soon as an object enters the detection zone it will activate a transparent colored visualization alert in the monitor to make the driver aware of the potential danger. (Green - Far, Yellow - Middle, Red - Close).

  • Detect moving objects including any transportation vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.

  • Work effectively in harsh environment and in poor visibility including darkness, smoke, fog and dust installation.

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No specialist installer is required to install the system to the vehicle. The manual and in cab display both clearly explain how to calibrate the system using the simple calibration instructions and what is required throughout the calibration process.

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