The Safety Shield 360º Surround View system, seamlessly calibrates and video merges on the in-cab screen display, the plant can move at any speed without any blurring images occurring. 

The system fully records (when the vehicle ignition is on) from all 4 cameras. The system does not record constantly when the ignition is turned off, however it recognises when the vehicle has been hit by another plant vehicle, object or someone attempting to break in. This is achieved through the use of vibration sensors and therefore records the impact despite the ignition being turned off.

The cameras provided with the Safety Shield 360° Surround View system are ultra 190° fish eye WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) cameras.  WDR cameras help give a clearer view at night time when the surrounding light intensity is much lower than daylight intensity which enhances the recordings of the in-cab display in both scenarios.




  • Four 190° ultra-wide fish eye cameras

  • Seamless video merging

  • Dynamic mode view angle for better surrounding observation

  • Independent fish eye calibration parameter and algorithm for each camera

  • Auto brightness balance from all 4 cameras

  • High video recording resolution (1080p)

  • Optional recording to SD card 128GB or MDVR up to 1TB


3d360 camera.png


No specialist installer is required to install the system to the vehicle. The manual and in cab display both clearly explain how to calibrate the system using the simple calibration instructions and what is required throughout the calibration process. The image is then enhanced with a high definition signal output helping to deliver a crystal-clear display of the bird’s eye view.