Safety Shield Global are creating new levels in vehicle and plant safety and our enhanced technology is being used in the development of autonomous solutions of the future across the globe. We can utilise all of our technology to design and manufacture bespoke safety systems to suit specific client requirements.



We’ve enhanced our vison-based technology to move beyond the average camera system. Our cutting-edge technology consistently sets the pace in the industry.

Our technology used in both our aftermarket and OEM solutions are now being used in the development of autonomous cars and coaches and HGV`s.

The intelligent vision cameras constantly scan the driving environment for potential hazards and are able to identify potential dangers. The system is able to measure the distance and speed of potential hazards in relation to the vehicle and calculate collision risks in real time.

The system also reads road markings, speed signs and traffic lights. 


end to end mapping

Normal mapping techniques for autonomous vehicles have required numerous expensive sensors in the car to collect massive volumes of data that were recorded and then processed offline. Safety Shield HD mapping system is highly-efficient, moving processing data into the vehicle in real time, and minimising communication with the cloud.

Intelligent algorithms enable data from multiple HD cameras to be converted into detailed 3D mapping information. Combining data from various inertial sensors in the car, along with GPS data and cameras, enables precise positioning. Information can be utilized to create even richer maps with greater detail.

Safety Shield end-to-end solution is highly customisable, and combines the vision based technology with the end to end mapping and ultimately enables self-driving cars to operate safer.