Banksman Safety Shield is a system designed to assist site banksman working with plant and machinery. The system enables the Banksman to instantly disable plant on site if they notice a dangerous situation. This will assist the Banksman when there are untagged personnel such as the general public dangerously close to moving plant.

how does the system work

Each Banksman is supplied with a control fob, when the Banksman presses the button on the fob, the Banksman Shield will instantly disable the plant and or alarm, if the button is pressed again the plant will be enabled.

The system also helps when working close to structures, buried services and helps with the training of inexperienced operators.


Each item of plant is fitted with the Banksman Safety Shield which is hard wired. The system takes initially 15 minutes to fit and then can be removed and refitted in less than five minutes.

Banksman Fob, Control Box and Antenna

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