An intelligent collision avoidance system for LGV’s and buses to keep the drivers safe and protect ALL vulnerable road users. 

Vehicle Safety Shield is the worlds most advanced, intelligent collision avoidance system available for LGV`s, Buses and commercial vehicles.

This revolutionary system assists drivers by monitoring VRU like cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists that are in close proximity to the vehicle and scans the area around the vehicle for changing environments and challenging road conditions. The system also monitors the drivers behaviour and fatigue for the following: 

Driver’s eyes closing

Driver not looking at the direction of the approaching car

Driver using mobile phone

Driver yawning

Driver smoking

Camera covered

Designed specifically for large vehicles, Vehicle Safety Shield uses up to four strategically placed external intelligent vision cameras, one internal driver fatigue monitor and alarm and remote reporting to keep transport managers informed and up to date of their driver’s behaviour

The comprehensive collision avoidance system offers the following lifesaving features:

Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning (Safety Shield PCW)

Forward Collision Warning (Safety Shield FCW)

Lane Departure Warning (Safety Shield LDW)

Headway Monitoring Warning (Safety Shield HMW)

Speed Limit Indicator (Safety Shield SLI)

Driver Fatigue monitor (Safety Shield DSM)

Full Video recording from each camera (DVR)

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Vehicle Safety Shield only alerts drivers if a collision is imminent or the driver’s behaviour becomes dangerous.

Unlike other collision avoidance systems, our intelligent award-winning image recognition technology will reduce unnecessary warnings, which can cause unnecessary distraction to drivers over time.

This life saving system will act as the driver’s third eye and keep both the drivers and other vulnerable road users safe at all times.

The system far exceeds FORS and CLOCS standards and is the most advanced system currently available for any commercial fleet.

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Front ADAS Camera

Single front ADAS camera mounted inside the vehicle in the centre of the windscreen, behind the dashboard.


Side cameras can be mounted on the left and right side of the vehicle, to detect vulnerable road users and warn the driver if a collision is imminent.


Single camera mounted inside the vehicle looking towards the driver to monitor driver fatigue.




Full front ADAS camera and right side camera

Full camera system

Full front ADAS camera and left side camera

Left side and right side camera


Safety within our fleet is absolutely paramount at Sainsbury’s, and we’re proud to be leading the way in the field. By using the latest technology along with a continued investment in our driver training programme, we’ve been able to raise the bar on safety for road users like pedestrians and cyclists.
— Gary King, Operations Support Manager, Logistics. Sainsbury's