The worlds first intelligent collision avoidance system for HGV’s to protect cyclists, pedestrians and motorcycles. 

In 2016 the number of cyclists killed and seriously injured on Britain's roads has risen 5% from 2015. A total of 102 cyclists died, with 3397 serious injuries and 18,477 were reported as minor injuries. It is feared that these figures will increase due to the recent boom in cycling amongst people of all ages and the UK’s roads becoming even busier.

This health and safety issue needs to be addressed quickly as the government is actively encouraging, with financial incentives, more people to cycle in order to:

  • Reduce pollution from motor vehicles
  • Ease congestion in city centres
  • Improve health by exercise

Many common accidents occur when a large vehicle is turning left into a side road and a cyclist on the nearside cannot be seen. Accidents like these could be avoided by use of the Cycle Safety Shield, which will warn a driver when a cyclist is within “danger zones” like the nearside blind spot area.

Cyclists and Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users, whilst also being the most difficult to observe both in day and in night conditions. Pedestrians in the vehicle path or walking into the vehicle path are in danger of being hit causing severe injury both to the pedestrian and potentially also to the vehicle occupants.


Safety within our fleet is absolutely paramount at Sainsbury’s, and we’re proud to be leading the way in the field. By using the latest technology along with a continued investment in our driver training programme, we’ve been able to raise the bar on safety for road users like pedestrians and cyclists.
— Gary King, Operations Support Manager, Logistics. Sainsbury's



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Cycle Safety Shield is a collision avoidance system specifically designed to only detect pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles (PCM) on the left-hand side of the vehicle. This is also the same on the front of the vehicle with the addition of the headway vehicle detection. Unlike other systems currently available that detect all objects within range of the vehicle the Cycle Safety Shield+ has been designed to reduce driver distraction.

The system should not be confused with standard detection systems, Cycle Safety Shield is an intelligent collision avoidance system that monitors the speed and distance from the PCM and only warns the driver if a collision is imminent. For general detection,                                                                                                                           the system can be integrated with 360 degree birds eye view camera                                                                                                                        that allows the driver to see all around their vehicle fully eliminating blind spots.


Full front ADAS camera and right side camera

Full camera system

Full front ADAS camera and left side camera

Left side and right side camera


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main features

  • Detection and Collision avoidance camera for either front, left or right hand side of the vehicle with the flexibility of combining all three cameras to only recognises pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles.
  • Lane departure warning (front only).
  • Speed monitor and warning (front only).
  • Headway monitoring for the vehicle in front which monitors a safe distance through artificial vision technology and speed (front only).
  • Optional visual displays and warning lights.

App Features

  • Smartphone/Tablet App for iOS and Android users for easy calibration and setup.
  • Each camera can independently record and download to a smartphone/tablet.
  • Optional telematics interface for tracking and driver behaviour.




Working with Ealing Council, we fitted Cycle Safety Shield along with the telematics system to a 26t Grab Wagon. Here are some of the conclusions found in their report;

1. The system is detecting only pedestrians, cyclists and motorbikes (PCM), not other objects such as railings, other cars and road signs etc.

2. The system is a collision avoidance system, not an all round detection system, reducing the alerts given to the driver which is not overloading and annoying.

3. The data showed that the majority of serious collision alerts which were given to the driver, telling him to break, happened on the left side of the vehicle when either travelling straight or turning left.

4. During the three month trial period, Cycle Safety Shield has potentially stopped 15 serious collisions happening between the HGV and a PCM.

5. All of the serious collision warnings given happened at an average speed of 13.6mph. At this speed a collision could have been fatal.

6. The data contained within the report shows the drivers behaviour has significanlty improved with less aggressive breaking and acceleration and less alerts compared to miles driven. By improving the style of driving, fuel efficiency has also improved which is again an added bonus to any fleet operator.



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