An intelligent collision avoidance system for LGV’s and buses to keep the drivers safe and protect ALL vulnerable road users. 

The Vehicle Safety Shield (collision avoidance system, VSS.) is an intelligent collision avoidance system for large vehicles (LGV) to keep the drivers safe and protect ALL vulnerable road users.

This revolutionary system assists drivers by monitoring vulnerable road users (VRU) that are in close proximity to the vehicle and scans the area around the vehicle for changing environments and challenging road conditions.

The system utilises stragically placed intelligent cameras to detect the front and rear vehicles, the driving lanes, and pedestrians and cyclists in front, behind and beside your vehicle.This system, with state of the art artificial intelligence technology, can perform the front, side & rear collision warning, lane departure warning, and pedestrian and cyclist collision avoidance. This system can also utilise DSM (driver sate monitor) camera to monitor the driver.

The VSS system is a bespoke collision avoidance system made specifically to each vehicle specification and size as well as each individual customer’s needs. Any of the below cameras can be installed on the vehicle, in any combination, from 1 to 8 cameras per vehicle.

The system also monitors the drivers behaviour and fatigue for the following: 

  • Driver’s eyes closing

  • Driver not looking at the direction of the approaching car

  • Driver using mobile phone

  • Driver yawning

  • Driver smoking

  • Camera covered

Designed specifically for large vehicles, Vehicle Safety Shield uses up to four strategically placed external intelligent vision cameras, one internal driver fatigue monitor with alarm and remote reporting management system to keep transport managers informed and up to date of their driver’s behaviour.

The comprehensive collision avoidance system offers the following lifesaving features:

  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning (Safety Shield PCW)

  • Forward Collision Warning (Safety Shield FCW)

  • Lane Departure Warning (Safety Shield LDW)

  • Headway Monitoring Warning (Safety Shield HMW)

  • Speed Limit Indicator (Safety Shield SLI)

  • Driver Fatigue monitor (Safety Shield DSM)

  • Full Video recording from each camera (DVR)

APPROXIMATE Positions for all optional components for a ridged vehicle using standard monitor.


Approximate positions for all optional components for an articulated vehicle using standard monitor.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 15.35.15.png

Vehicle Safety Shield only alerts drivers if a collision is imminent or the driver’s behaviour becomes dangerous.

Unlike other collision avoidance systems, our intelligent award-winning image recognition technology will reduce unnecessary warnings, which can cause unnecessary distraction to drivers over time.

This life saving system will act as the driver’s third eye and keep both the drivers and other vulnerable road users safe at all times.

The system far exceeds FORS and CLOCS standards and is the most advanced system currently available for any commercial fleet.

All the components in the Vehicle Safety Shield.


DSM Camera

To monitor the driver, and alarm if he/she is not focusing on driving, for example;

  • Driver’s eyes closing

  • Driver not looking at the direction of the approaching car

  • Driver using mobile phone

  • Driver yawning

  • Driver smoking

  • Camera covered

SSG DSM camera.png

Intelligent Side Cameras

To detect pedestrians, cyclists and approaching vehicles only, filtering out other objects to reduce distractions caused by unnecessary warnings. The system detects human and vehicle-shaped objects, thus reducing the risk of a collision with a vulnerable road user by indicating and alarming when a collision is imminent.

SSG Side Camera.png
SSG Side camera 2.png

Front ADAS Camera

  • Front Collision Warning

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • Pedestrian/Cyclist Collision Avoidance

SSG ADAS camera.png

Rear ADAS Camera

  • Rear Collision Warning

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • Pedestrian/Cyclist Collision Avoidance

SSG ADAS camera.png

The Control Unit

SSG control unit 2.png


Standard Monitor (mounted on the dashboard)

This is the standard monitor that comes mounted on the dash with four seperate screens, one for the left side camera, one for the right side camera, a full rear view and the front ADAS alarm screen.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 15.57.26.png

Example of one of our standard monitor configuration.

split screen example monitor.png

2 Side Camera Monitors (mounted on each a-post of vehicle)

This is the side monitor that will mounted on the ‘a-post’ of the vehicle, these monitors come in a pair and one will be on the right hand side a-post and the other will be mounted on the left, each monitor corresponding with the relevant side camera.

Under the side camera screen there is a separate screen that will contain the VRU collision alarm icons, for example, a red pedestrian will show if there is a vulnerable road user in the ‘danger zone’.

Rear View Monitor (mounted on the windscreen)

This rear view monitor will replace the rear view mirror (if the vehicle has one) and will show the rear camera footage and also the ADAS alarm icons, for example, the red lane icon will show if the vehicle is crossing the lane without indicating.

(both these monitors can be seen on the image below)

Example of a LGV cab with the two side monitors and the rear view monitor.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 13.40.05.png

Icons on the ADAS alarm

  • 1. Red Lane - This means your vehicle is crossing the lane without signalling.

  • 2. Collision time - This is the time to collision with the vehicle in front or vehicle approaching from the rear.

  • 3. Front/Rear Car - Green means your vehicle is in the ‘safety distance’ from the vehicle in front/rear, and red means you are too close to the vehicle in front/rear. When calculating the ‘safety distance’, we not only check the distance from your vehicle to your front vehicle, but also consider the speeds of the two vehicles.

  • 4. Pedestrian Collision - Pedestrian detected at the front or rear.

  • 5. GO icon - After the traffic light turns green, if the front vehicle starts, this icon will be displayed. 

  • 6. Pedestrian Collision - Pedestrian detected on the right/left side of your vehicle (red: in the danger zone; blue: not in the danger zone). (Option to also display this in monitor)

  • 7. Driver Fatigue Detected (optional add-in. See separate manual)

  • 8. Software problem.

  • 9. TF card problem.

  • 10. Camera problem.

  • 11. Overheat problem.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 10.36.07.png

Some Optional Camera Configurations


Full front ADAS camera and right side camera.

Three camera system.

Full front ADAS camera and left side camera.

Left side and right side camera.

Vehicle and Driver behaviour Reports

VSS has a 4G/LTE wireless module inside, so it can send alarms and running time information of the vehicles to the appointed monitoring centers, which are usually owned by fleet management companies or insurance companies. 

This data is useful for evaluating the individual driver's risk level, behaviour, vehicle condition and location. 

Data Reported

  • Periodic data report.

  • Rapid acceleration, sudden brake, and sharp turn events.

  • Car crash event.

  • ADAS alarms.    

  • GPS Location.

  • VSS (vehicle safety shield) Warnings.

  • Vehicle Condition.

  • Driver Behaviour.

  • Video footage from each camera.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 15.28.00.png

Advantages of using Vehicle Safety Shield

  • Multiple cameras can be installed around the vehicle.

  • All visual and audible warnings can be shown on the buzzer or the monitor.

  • Real-time images can also be monitored on mobile phone and external screen.

  • Powerful detection ability - a vehicle up to 110m away can be detected.

  • System works in day and night conditions.

  • Customers can self-set its warning area (Side cameras).

  • Easy-to-use; installation, calibration, setting and upgrade the system via mobile phone.

  • Optional – GPS location, warnings, vehicle condition, driver behaviour and DVR videos can be viewed and recorded.

Safety within our fleet is absolutely paramount at Sainsbury’s, and we’re proud to be leading the way in the field. By using the latest technology along with a continued investment in our driver training programme, we’ve been able to raise the bar on safety for road users like pedestrians and cyclists.
— Gary King, Operations Support Manager, Logistics. Sainsbury's