An intelligent collision avoidance and complete vision system for all plant and machinery. Reducing accidents associated with busy on-site environments and people plant interface.        

Many common accidents occur when industrial vehicles strike unseen personnel’s. This is where the Plant Safety Shield comes in place – it is the worlds most advanced collision avoidance system available for plant and machinery. The system has been developed to meet the demanding needs of plant operators within the construction industry and combines a variety of cutting edge technologies to provide them with the ultimate protection and monitoring aid.


About the system

The system has been developed to meet the demanding needs of plant operators by reducing driver distraction and providing them with the ultimate protection and monitoring aid. Unlike other detection systems available that will detect all objects and start to distract the operator, Plant Safety Shield uses intelligent smart cameras that will only detect people and monitor their movements around the plant up to thirty meters away. The system will only alert the operator and vulnerable unseen personnel when a collision is imminent. Giving the operator plenty of time to take action.

Cycle Safety Shield.png
Above; Radar configuration

Above; Radar configuration

In addition to the intelligent cameras, Plant Safety Shield combines the latest radar technology with 3D 360° vision cameras. The monitor inside the cab will display a 3D birds eye view of the plant eliminating all blind spots. There are up to 12 radar sensors combined with the 360° system to give the operator adjustable object detection in addition to the intelligent cameras. This feature is designed to work as a close detection barrier for all objects and compliments the intelligent vision technology. If an object is detected the system will alarm to alert the operator of the hazard and the monitor will display the detected hazard clearly on the screen.



  • Intelligent pedestrian collision avoidance cameras for detecting personnel in day and night conditions and filter out other objects

  • Close in radar detection

  • 360° bird view camera

  • Full video recording onto SD card or 1TB hard drive

  • Includes internal and external alarms

  • Waterproof and shock resistant

  • Easy installation and callibration



No specialist installer is required to install the system to the vehicle. The manual and in cab display both clearly explain how to calibrate the system using the simple calibration instructions and what is required throughout the calibration process. The image is then enhanced with a high definition signal output helping to deliver a crystal-clear display of the bird’s eye view.

The above images include the following;

  • 4 X bird view cameras and DVR

  • Picture showing 1 example of our intelligent camera

  • Control box and 12 radar sensors

  • Monitor image of 360° 3D bird view