An intelligent collision avoidance and complete vision system for all plant and machinery. Reducing accidents associated with busy on-site environments and people plant interface.        

About the system

The Plant Safety Shield (collision avoidance system, PSS.) is an intelligent collision avoidance system for construction plant to keep the operators safe and protect ALL vulnerable site personnel (VSP).

This revolutionary system assists operators by monitoring VSP that are in close proximity to the plant and scans the area around the vehicle for changing environments and challenging site conditions.

The system utilises stragically placed intelligent cameras to detect the front vehicles, the driving lanes, and VSP’s in front, behind and beside your vehicle.
This system, with state of the art artificial intelligence technology, can perform the Front, side & rear collision warning, lane departure warning, and VSP collision avoidance. This system can also utilise DSM (driver sate monitor) camera to monitor the operator.

The PSS system is a flexible collision avoidance system made specifically to suit all plant shapes and sizes. 

Any of the below cameras can be installed on the plant, in any combination, from 1 to 8 cameras per vehicle.

typical example of components location for an excavator

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.29.12.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.45.04.png

Danger Zone

This image shows a typical pre-set danger zone using the camera configuration above.

typical example of components location for a dumper

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 13.49.10.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 14.12.58.png

Danger Zone

This image shows a typical pre-set danger zone using the camera configuration above.


  • Intelligent pedestrian collision avoidance cameras for detecting personnel in day and night conditions and filter out other objects to reduce unnecessary distractions

  • Various camera options - Intelligent detection cameras, driver fatigue and ADAS

  • HD monitor with built in detection alarms and ADAS functions

  • Full video recording onto SD card or 1TB hard drive

  • Waterproof and shock resistant

  • Easy installation and calibration through mobile phone

  • Built in driver behaviour reporting

  • Plant tracking

  • Optional live-streaming



DSM Camera

To monitor the operator and alarm if he/she is not focusing on driving, for example;

  • Driver’s eyes closing

  • Driver not looking at the direction of the approaching car

  • Driver using mobile phone

  • Driver yawning

  • Driver smoking

  • Cameras covered

SSG DSM camera.png

Intelligent Detection Cameras

To detect vulnerable site personnel encroaching on the pre-set danger zones around the plant, filtering out other objects to reduce distractions caused by unnecessary warnings. The system detects human shaped objects, thus reducing the risk of a collision with a VSP by indicating and alarming when a collision is imminent.

SSG Side Camera.png
SSG Side camera 2.png

Front ADAS Camera (road legal plant only)

Front collision warning, lane departure warning, and VSP collision avoidance.

SSG ADAS camera.png

Control unit

SSG control unit 2.png

Standard Monitor

monitor 2 copy.png


No specialist installer is required to install the system to the vehicle. The manual and in cab display both clearly explain how to calibrate the system using the simple calibration instructions and what is required throughout the calibration process. The image is then enhanced with a high definition signal output helping to deliver a crystal-clear display of the bird’s eye view.

ADAS Icons on the monitor

  • 1. Red Lane - This means your vehicle is crossing the lane without signalling.

  • 2. Collision time - This is the time to collision with the vehicle in front.

  • 3. Front Car - Green means your vehicle is in the ‘safety distance’ from the vehicle in front, and red means you are too close to the vehicle in front. When calculating the ‘safety distance’, we not only check the distance from your vehicle to your front vehicle, but also consider the speeds of the two vehicles.

  • 4. VSP Collision Front - VSP detected in danger zone.

  • 5. GO icon - After the traffic light turns green, if the front vehicle starts, this icon will be displayed.

  • 6. VSP Collision Side and Rear - VSP detected at the rear on the right/left side of your vehicle (red: in the danger zone; blue: not in the danger zone).

  • 7. Driver Fatigue Detected.

  • 8. Software problem.

  • 9. TF card problem.

  • 10. Camera problem.

  • 11. Overheat problem.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 10.36.07.png

ADAS Icons.

The relevant icon will appear on the monitor if/when detected, for example, if a vulnerable site personnel is detected in the ‘danger zone’ a red pedestrian icon will be shown along with and audible warning.

Vehicle and Driver Behaviour reports

PSS has a 4G/LTE wireless module inside, so it can send alarms and running time information of the vehicles to the appointed monitoring centers, which are usually owned by fleet management companies or insurance companies.

Data Reported

  • Periodic data report.

  • Rapid acceleration, sudden brake, and sharp turn events. 

  • Crash event.

  • ADAS alarms.

  • GPS Location.

  • PSS Warnings.

  • Plant Condition.

  • Operator Behaviour.

  • Video footage from each camera.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 14.37.15.png

This data is useful for evaluating the individual driver's risk level, behaviour, vehicle condition and location.

Advantages of using plant safety shield

  • Multiple cameras can be installed around the plant.

  • All visual and audible warnings can be shown on the monitor.

  • Real-time images can also be monitored on mobile phone and external screen.

  • Powerful detection ability.

  • System works in day and night conditions.

  • Customers can self-set its warning area (intelligent detection cameras).

  • Easy-to-use; installation, calibration, setting and upgrade the system via mobile phone.

  • Optional – GPS location, warnings, plant condition, operator behaviour and DVR videos can be viewed and recorded.