Protecting the workforce from collisions with construction plant.

Health and Safety is paramount in every working environment, particular where industrial vehicles, Plant, machinery and personnel are in close proximity to each other. Personnel safety Shield protects the workforce by restricting machine / vehicle activity when in the proximity of personnel and giving a clear visual and audio warning to both the operator and the site personnel.

Personnel Safety Shield utilises unique state of the art transponders and receivers to detect the presence of personnel within a pre-set distance of Plant and Vehicles.

danger zone


The danger zone can be easily adjusted using the hand held adjustment unit to suit different site environments from a range of 1m – 15m.
When personnel are detected in the zone the system has the following alarm options:
•    Internal cab buzzer and warning lights
•    External siren and red led lights
•    Plant disabled until personnel leaves the danger zone
One or all of the above alarms can be selected using the secure key selection box in the cab prior to beginning work. The keys are then removed and the selected alarms are locked.
The system is plug_and_play and can be easily installed onto plant in less than ten minutes making it ideal for transferring onto different items of hired in plant or removed at the end of each shift on unsecure sites.


Site personnel hard hat transponders are designed to become part of each site employee, contractors and visitors PPE. Each transponder or (tag) given to personnel can be individually identified and all incidents are logged on the system.

All tags are compatible with every Safety Shield System being used on all sites and all have a battery life of over 1 year.

When the battery is low the led indicator light will flash on the tag warning the individual that the tag needs to be replaced.

In summary personnel safety shield is the most advanced RFID proximity warning and protection aid currently available, designed to be an integral part of site PPE and plant safety.