Rail Safety Shield is a light weight simple to install safety protection system that integrates into existing safety procedures. Rail Safety Shield creates an invisible safety fence which can be used whilst working adjacent to live rail lines.

about the system

The system creates an invisible fence between 1m – 3.5m high depending on the application. 

The system consists of lightweight portable units that can be erected by one person. Each unit can be placed 100m apart to form the invisible fence and multiple units can be wirelessly linked together to create your desired distance. 

When the plant breaks the virtual screen the plant is disabled and or activates the alarm.To reactivate the machine, the Banksman reset button must be pressed. 

Rail Safety Shield can be taken from site to site, reducing valuable time and costs of erecting standard fencing.



  • 360 Degree Camera
  • Safety Shield Plus Plant
  • Banksman Safety Shield