What is blind spot detection for?

Blind spots are the areas of the road that cannot be seen while looking forward or through either a rear view or side mirror. Many accidents occur due to the drivers failing to check the blind spot areas. Mirrors can help remove blind spots behind a driver but they typically leave larger dead areas to both sides of the vehicle. The Safety Shield Blind Spot Detection System helps to detect objects to warn the driver of a potential hazard. 

about safety shield bsd

Safety Shield BSD uses a variety of sensors to provide drivers with information about objects that are out of their range of vision. The sensors detect objects like cyclists, pedestrians, cars and motorcycles and the warning information can be delivered to the driver in a number of ways - in visual, audible or tactile form if a hazard is identified. 



• Wide detection angle
• Strong durability detector case
• Active at speeds above 10 mph from OBD communication or GPS module
• Measure upcoming vehicle’s proximity to the driving car
• Alerts the driver about potential collisions when they are changing lanes