what is car dooring?

Car dooring is defined as “vehicle door opened or closed negligently” this is where doors are opened by passengers or drivers that can result in cyclists or pedestrians being hit, as they easily fail to check over their shoulders for vulnerable road users.

The latest government figures reveal that ‘Dooring’ has caused 490 casualties, of these, 429 were slight injuries and 60 were serious injuries with one person dying in a ‘Dooring’ incident. It is noted that these figures only include reported accidents where police officers attended the scene, meaning that there is likely to be more unreported incidents that aren’t recorded in the official figures. 

about safety shield door assist

The Safety Shield Door Assist system was designed to warn passengers from opening the door if oncoming objects such as cyclists, vehicles or pedestrians are detected - thus avoiding fatal accidents.

The system can be used in two ways, one way is too integrate the system into the vehicle’s electronic system so that if the system detects a vulnerable road user in the danger zone of the door, the door will lock and the passenger/driver will physically not be able to open the door until the VRU (vulnerable road user) has passed safely. The second option is to install a light system, on the interior a-post of the vehicle near the door handle, a light is installed, which will flash red for when it isn’t safe to open the door, in the ideal spot to catch the passenger or drivers eye and so warn them that a collision is imminent if the door is opened, the light will light green when there is no risk and is safe to leave the vehicle.

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• Active when the vehicle is under 10mph or stationary
• Incorporates 4 warning lights for driver and passengers or Integrated straight into the vehicles electronic system to stop the door from opening at all.