What is fleet management?

Unlike other eet management providers, we provide Bottom Line Solutions, which empowers you
to make quick and smarter decisions easily. We want you to receive nancial results instead of complicated data. To enhance our collaboration with you, we provide excellent service support, made available to you anywhere, anytime.

Safety Shield Fleet Management is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices PC, Mac, Tablets, Iphone and android. Our web application is created to provide our clients with ease of use and exibility. Visualising your vehicles on maps, allowing you to make faster and better decisions with real-time tra c updates, vehicle status and assessments on your drivers behaviours and performance giving you full control of your eet. Data can be easily interpreted, tracked and exported to pdf and excel formats. At Safety Shield Systems, we strive to provide a world class system to enhance your user experience when using our solutions. 

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My alert! 

Fleet managers will be able to obtain an overview of alerts committed by a selected vehicle. Furthermore they can also view the actual locations and times of the alerts through street-view to analyse reasons for frequent alerts. Danger zones can be highlighted to drivers along with advice on the appropriate driving behaviour. 

The My alert system provides a map overview with different event alerts in different locations. 

Fleet managers can specifically identify one vehicle or the whole fleet and analyse the alerts of each driver/vehicle such as pedestrian alerts, headway monitoring, lane departure, breaking, speeding, acceleration. The fleet manager can manually chose the time period in which they would like to monitor the events of their vehicles. 

When selecting an alert on the map this will bring up a street view of where the event occurred giving the exact date and time, address and vehicle unit. Fleet managers can use the street view to identify the cause of the events; this can help identify the cause of the alerts and could be used for internal training and overall driver improvement.

Live Tracking

Safety Shield Fleet Management provides live tracking of all vehicle statuses whether they are mobile, idle or inoperative. The dashboard provides an overview of all vehicles statuses, their exact location and their current mileage. By monitoring the statuses and progress of all vehicles and high-valued assets in transit, managers and clients can have full accountability of every asset. Live tracking of vehicles can be enhanced by the use of geo-fences, the geo-fences can be set by the client to alert the fleet managers when a vehicle has entered or leaves the geo-fence.

Fuel Activity

Safety Shield Fleet Management provides round-the-clock monitoring of REAL fuel levels. The fuel activity summary provides a comprehensive breakdown of fuel consumed, level of fuel refuelled, consumption rate and detailed breakdown of total refuel against total consumption.

Fleet managers are able to reinforce responsible usage through monitoring of real time fuel data. Moreover, fuel theft and fraud can be easily detected and alerted.

Operational Summary

The Safety Shield Fleet Management operational summary for mobile assets enables a quick access and overview to all mobile assets. Users can check assets current speed, current asset status, asset types and a detailed visual of distance travelled in total or on average. 

We optimise our operational summary to provide a comprehensive overview of all assets so that management can make business decisions easily.

Driver Behaviour Report

The Safety Shield Fleet Management driver behaviour summary provides information on the driver’s performance over the course of the desired time period. The driver Behaviour summary uses safety shields systems algorithm to grade each driver allowing fleet managers to identify hazardous driving behaviours across their fleet. The fleet managers are empowered to control their drivers and enhance both their safety and productivity. 

Reports Engine

Fleet managers are able to choose from a variety of reports to generate on-the-go. With a simple click, a report is created automatically, reflecting the details of the fleet between selected periods. Export the report in PDF or as an image, to be used instantly. Our reports are designed for easy usage and are customised to your preferences. The reports engine generates schedules and sends reports with ease and view your financial results instantly, enhancing fleet and cost management.


Trace and playback routes taken by drivers in the selected time period. Fleet managers will be able to select multiple units at once for the playback and identify abnormal driving behaviours and trends. Past events are also displayed on screen for the ease of tracking.


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