The Safety Shield Plus Plant is the worlds most advanced collision avoidance system available for plant in the construction industry.

Safety Shield Plus Plant can be retrofitted to any plant or installed at an OEM level. 

Safety Shield Plus Plant was developed to meet the demanding needs of plant operators within the construction industry and combines a variety of cutting edge technologies to provide them with the ultimate protection and monitoring aid. 

Safety Shield Plus Plant combines our multi award winning PCM collision avoidance technology with our fully recording 360 camera and Audio and visual turn alerts at an affordable price. 

360 Degree (PCM) collision avoidance

Safety Shield Plus Plant is fitted with four small cameras which are strategically placed to cover 360 degrees around the plant. These smart cameras continually scan the area around the plant and only detect Pedestrians. 

The system will filter out other objects to reduce unnecessary distraction to the operator and will give an audio and visual alert to the operator and external alert to the PCM, only if a collision is imminent.

360 Camera and recording

The four cameras containing the PCM collision avoidance technology also record 360 degree around the vehicle onto a 32GB SD card or hard drive option which would be located in the cab of the vehicle. 

The customer has the option to also see the image in the cab on a monitor or simply have a PCM alarm with no view of the recorded images.


The Monitor is a high quality 7” LCD. The screen will display a default image set by the driver, if a PCM is detected then the red flashing icon will appear on the side of the monitor showing the position of the PCM and the monitor screen will display the camera image in relation to the PCM in real time. 

If multiple PCM`s are detected at different positions around the vehicle then the icons will flash in the multiple locations and the screen will also display the various locations in real time. The icon alarm can be audio or visual or both.


Some applications may not require the operator to have a monitor to view the video image around the plant, sometimes operators have multiple screens in their cab for other applications and by adding another monitor could overload them and also cause distraction. 

In this situation we offer the option of the PCM alarm unit, this unit is a simple display 2” diameter that will display a red PCM icon and give an audio and visual alert if a PCM is in a collision path. 

Although the camera image is not displayed to the operator, the system will still fully record and save the data to the hard drive mounted in the cab.