Safety Shield

‘life saving collision avoidance system’


Safety Shield is the most advanced collision avoidance system available for vehicles and mobile plant. The system uses object recognition combined with intelligent algorithms to detect vulnerable road users, pedestrians and site based operatives and warns drivers if a collision is imminent.

The Safety Shield Collision Avoidance System is available with a single, forward-facing ADAS camera suitable for any vehicle, or in an intelligent multi-camera solution designed specifically for large commercial vehicles and heavy plant with hazardous blind spots. The system helps eliminate incidents associated with people plant interface and protects vulnerable road users. The Safety shield also has the option of a Driver State Monitor (DSM) camera which will monitor driver fatigue and behaviour. Each camera fully records and all video footage can be stored on either SD card, Hard Drive or on a server through the Safety Shield fleet management software.

 Fleet operators worldwide have achieved significant reductions in near misses and collisions and associated costs by installing Safety Shield. 

 Safety Shield technology protects vulnerable road users, site based operatives and valuable customer assets. Our system assists all drivers and operators in their daily operations and not only helps improve driver behaviour but overall safety around the vehicle.

Safety Shield Global design and manufacture the Safety Shield here in the UK. We have a full in house design and project management team, to work alongside you and your team to seamlessly integrate the prefect collision avoidance solution for your fleet.

We pride ourselves on reducing driver distractions by removing the need for multiple monitors and displays by integrating the Safety Shield with existing monitoring systems already supplied on the vehicle by the manufacturer. The Safety Shield filters out unnecessary objects and only alerts drivers when Pedestrians, Cyclists, motorcycles and vehicles are in a collision situation. 

Safety Shield acts as the driver’s third eye, monitoring the external environment around the vehicle and the driver fatigue and behaviour.

Please see below the camera options available, the below cameras can be installed as a single or multi camera solution using any configuration to suit the different types of vehicles and plant on the market.

DSM Camera

DSM Camera.png

Drivers of Small vehicles, LGV`s and buses and heavy mobile plant, operate within enclosed cabins which have many fatigue and distraction effects. 

The DSM camera uses self-configuring video analytics that track the drivers eye lids, pupil dilation and facial movements using proprietary algorithms. The DSM alerts the driver with audible and visual alerts when symptoms of fatigue or distracted driving are recognised. The camera can also fully record inside the cab of the vehicle.

These alerts include:

  • Driver’s eyes closing

  • Driver not looking at the direction of the approaching car

  • Driver using mobile phone

  • Driver yawning

  • Driver smoking

  • Camera covered

ADAS Camera (as part of multi camera solution)

ADAS camera.png
ADAS car:van .png

This is the single stand alone ADAS Camera. It has all the same functions as the one above but can not be integrated with other cameras. Therefore this Single ADAS is great for light vehicles like; cars, small vans, taxis or any other small vehicle that doesn’t require side detection.

ADAS Functions

forward collision warning

One of the most common collision types involves rear end crashes which can be caused by driving to close the vehicle in front which then suddenly brakes. A high percentage of these type of crashes have been proven to have no brake application whatsoever which could be a result of driver distraction.

These type of collisions can be significantly reduced by the forward collision feature of Safety Shield ADAS.

The ADAS camera will give the driver an audio and visual alert when it detects an imminent collision with the vehicle ahead. The ADAS will provide a collision alert to the driver upto 2.7 seconds prior to collision, giving them adequate time to react. Distance to collision is calculated by the Safety Shield by distance, speed and direction to the detected vehicle.  

Lane departure warning 

A large proportion of crash fatalities and serious injuries are caused by run-off-road crashes, which typically start with unintended lane departure. In fact, 60% of road accident fatalities are due to unintentional lane departure.The System sends a visual and audio alert when there is a lane deviation without signalling. 

Pedestrian/Cyclist collision warning

Pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable road users (VRU), especially in heavily congested city environments. Pedestrians and cyclists fatalities amount to over 20% of all road traffic fatalities worldwide. 

The Safety Shield ADAS will alert the driver both audibly and visually if a collision is imminent with a VRU, giving the driver upto 2.7 seconds to react and take corrective action.


Each camera of the Safety Shield will record all footage both inside and outside the vehicle as set by the customer. The footage can be stored on an SD card, Hard drive or on the Safety Shield cloud server. the customer can choose to record all footage or just the footage associated with a collision or driver behaviour alert.

Intelligent Cameras

side cam.png

To detect pedestrians and cyclists only, filtering out other objects to reduce distractions caused by unnecessary warnings. The system detects the human form, thus reducing the risk of a collision with a vulnerable member of the public or site operative. 

Safety shield sends a visual and audio alert before an imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, allowing the driver time to react. 

With vehicles, the time to Collision (TTC) is calculated through the system and when it drops below 2 seconds, a collision warning is generated. With slower moving vehicles such as construction plant, a virtual detection zone is set around the plant using the smart app. Each camera can be adjusted separately and different zones set according to the different site environments and working procedures.

If a person encroaches into the zone then a Collison warning will be generated. The system can also trigger various warnings for the driver and the person entering the zone such as: internal and external alarms and warning lights.

The Safety shield cameras require very little calibration (approx. 5 minutes per camera) and all calibration can be done by untrained personnel easily via the calibration APP.

ADAS Alarm Display

ADAS display 2.png

This is the ADAS Alarm Display, This small display sits in the corner of the cab in easy viewing for the driver. This multi-function display linked to the ADAS camera, will give audible and visual alerts to the driver.

ADAS Alarm Icons

Below are the icons that will appear on the above ADAS Alarm Display to alert the driver to the relevant event.

ADAS icons.png

PCW Display

PCW Display.png

This is the PCW Display, this small display is mounted on either or both a-posts of the cab. The pedestrian icon will illuminate red when a pedestrian, cyclist or vulnerable site personnel has been detected and a collision is imminent.

Examples of in-cab display configurations



inside cab camera confiq png.png


excavator cab camera config png.png

Car (light vehicle)

in cab view adas.png
car adas.png

This is a typical example of where the in-cab displays would be internally mounted in a HGV.

This example also works well for a;

bus, coach, any HGV/LGV, tipper, truck, sweeper, refuse wagon and any other road going vehicle with large blindspots.


This is a typical example of where the in-cab displays would be internally mounted in an excavator.

This example also works well for a;

forklift, small dumper, articulated dumper, loading shovel, tractor, tele handler, reach stacker, roller and any other larger vehicle which does not leave a site.


This shows an approximate location for the Single ADAS Alarm Display in a light vehicle. ideally its on the dash board within easy viewing for the driver.

This configuration will also work for a taxi and small van.


This shows the Single ADAS Camera located just in front of the rear view mirror facing forwards.

This is one of many locations suitable for this ADAS but this one is the most used as the camera must be placed central in the windscreen, not obscuring the drivers view.

For examples of external camera configurations on vehicles please visit the industries tab at the top of the page and find the relevant industry.

Advantages of using Safety Shield

  • Multiple camera options can be integrated together and the system is designed to be installed on vehicles or plant of any shape or size.

  • Minimal warning displays, and can also be integrated into existing manufacturers displays.

  • Powerful detection ability but with minimal alerts to the driver as the system only alerts when a collision is imminent.

  • System works in day and night conditions.

  • very easy calibration, each camera can be calibrated in less than 5 minutes.

  • Customers can self-set the detection zone for each camera.

  • Optional – GPS location, warnings, vehicle condition, driver behaviour and DVR videos can be viewed and recorded.

  • full driver behaviour reporting and video capture

  • designed for OEM or aftermarket

  • Safety Shield is a complete collision avoidance system to protect the drivers and vulnerable road users and personnel whilst improving driver behaviour and reducing operator costs.