why is a turn Alaram important?

Cyclists and Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users, whilst also being the most difficult to observe both in day and in night conditions. Pedestrians in the vehicle path or walking into the vehicle path are in danger of being hit causing severe injury both to the pedestrian and potentially also to the vehicle occupants.

Many common accidents occur when a large vehicle is turning left into a side road and a cyclist on the nearside cannot be seen. It has been reported that HGV's are particularly dangerous for cyclists, especially in London where around 20% of cyclist fatalities occur involve an HGV. These often occur when HGV's are turning left at a junction or simply passing too close to the cyclist/pedestrian.

Accidents like these could be avoided by use of the Safety Shield Turn Alarm, which will warn vulnerable road users visually and audibly when the vehicle is turning. 

turn alarm photo shield.png

about the system

The Safety Shield Turn alarm is an audio and visual alert for vulnerable road users when a large vehicle is turning. The Safety Shield Turn alarm is activated when the driver indicates to make a turn either left or right, this system will help prevent accidents by alarming the vulnerable road users.

The Safety Shield Turn alarm is a cost effective entry level solution to warn vulnerable road users of a vehicle manoeuvre.



The system is visible in all weather conditions and can be tted to any vehicle. The System is quick and easy to install and designed to protect those around the vehicle.