SAFety shield global

About us

Safety Shield Global is a multi-award winning company providing complete collision avoidance solutions for vehicles and plant in all industries; Distribution, Construction, Agriculture, Haulage, Automotive, Airport, Seaports, Refuse and Waste.

We are technological leaders in the area of object recognition, detection, computer vision and collision avoidance. Artificial intelligence and deep learning is what powers the Safety Shield`s computer vision collision avoidance system.

Our cutting edge technology has been utilised to produce a bespoke safety system to protect vulnerable road users, site based operatives and valuable customer assets. The system assists the drivers and plant operators in their daily operations and helps improve overall driver behaviour.

Safety Shield Global design and manufacture our system here in the UK. This also allows us to design the bespoke system for individual clients to meet customer needs.

We have a full in house design and project management team to work along side you and your team to develop the prefect safety solution for your fleet. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements or for any more information.

SSG (safety shield global) works with transport authorities, governments and professional independent research laboratories across the globe which has gained us an unprecedented understanding of the diverse challenges that face drivers on the road and plant operators on site and how to keep them safe.


All our products are fully certified ECE reg 10.

The technology behind the Safety Shield cameras


Example of one of the Safety Shield intelligent cameras mounted on the ‘blindside’ of a bus in a busy European city center. This video shows how the technology of the camera works, picking up pedestrians and cyclists while calculating points to collision.

The green box around selected vulnerable road users shows that the camera has detected them as vulnerable but is not warning the driver as a collision is not imminent. The numbers shown above the green box is the camera calculating the time to a collision if it was imminent. As we pride ourselves on reducing driver distraction, this footage isn’t shown on any monitor or screen, this is just to show how the Safety Shield technology works.

If the camera was to calculate an imminent collision, the box would turn red and the driver of the vehicle would be alerted via our PCW Display (a picture of this display can be found above) Its a small display, placed on either A-post of the cab, with a red flashing pedestrian on, it will also alert the driver via an audible alarm, giving them up to 2.7 seconds to react to the warning. Therefore acting like a drivers third eye, whilst reducing the risk of driver distraction.

For more videos on how our technology works and to keep updated on our latest innovations please head over to our YouTube channel.

Our Vision is to improve overall safety for all road users and Construction/rail workers across the globe.
— Jon Guest, Group CEO